to photography, the way I see it

What I Do

I communicate using photographic means - same as millions of others. It is quite fascinating how a single image can be perceived entirely differently by different people looking at it. So, to an extent this is an attempt to share my own vision, give or take. As for the media - still shooting 35 mm film at times, but prefer digital for the sake of simplicity. Years ago have been engaged in all sorts of fun work including commercial, weddings, portraiture, glamour, runway, etc., but because of time constraints can't afford it any longer, only preferring projects I'm truly interested in.


Who I Am

Dr. Vadim Beletsky, graduated in internal medicine with residency in neurology and another residency in psychiatry years thereafter. Working as a psychiatrist. Photography has been a great companion for 30+ years, now an essential professional tool.



here are a few low-res samples, the rest is on the following servers:

flickr | 500px | mm | ps


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